“There is so much support at this bootcamp from the staff and all the people doing the bootcamp. There are also social nights arranged. Yes, it's hard work but you don't get fit sitting on your bottom. I would highly recommended this bootcamp to anyone."

Joanne Wood


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No Excuses, Just Hard Work bootcamp was created in 2018 and is designed to offer its members an alternative to the traditional gym environment. It quickly became apparent that there was an appetite for regular outdoor training sessions so we got to work to provide the very best sessions based on team spirit, hard work, variety and FUN.

After a brief stint based at Broad Oak Cricket Club, we moved across the valley to the Walkers Arms using the cricket field and AstroTurf area to enable sessions to take place whatever the weather.

We erected floodlights to prevent becoming a seasonal bootcamp and invested heavily in the best equipment that any bootcamp has ever seen.

It is thanks to this variety that our members keep coming back for more.

Alongside bootcamp sessions, the team enjoy a drink together after training and social events are planned quarterly. Our team spirit is simply the best.

In late 2020, we developed a new partnership with another local cricket club - Slaithwaite CC - which has become even more popular with the residents of HD7 and the surrounding areas.

With exciting new ideas planned for 2022, if you're looking for somewhere different to train, meet new people and have a laugh at the same time then now really is the time to come and see what we're about...

'No Excuses, Just Hard Work'


7.15pm (Boxercise)


6am (Triple RC)

10.15am (Fusion S&C)

7pm (Indoor Bootcamp)


6am (Triple RC)

7pm (Outdoor Bootcamp / Walkers Arms)


6am (Triple RC)

6pm (Yoga Apr-Sept / HIIT Oct-Mar)

7.15pm (Spin Class)


6.30pm (Indoor Bootcamp)


8am (Indoor Bootcamp)